Tomatin 11 Years Old 2003 Single Cask 1903

Tomatin 11 Years Old 2003 – Distillery Exclusive (56.3%, OB, Bourbon Cask #1903,2014)

  • Highland single malt scotch whisky
  • 56.3% ABV, £75 for 70cl
  • Score:  83/100


What they say:

Distilled in 2003 at the Tomatin distillery, this bottle-your-own expression is exclusively available at the Tomatin distillery visitor centre. Matured for 11 years in an ex-bourbon cask #1903.

What I say:

Sampled in 2014 when this was 11 years old and only a few bottles remained in the cask.


Refractive champagne gold, medium/heavy tears with light trails


Vanilla, vanilla cream, white chocolate buttons, zesty and citric, spirit (alcohol!), zesty white grapefruit, floral, buttery, creamy milk, white sugar mice sweeties, icing sugar and vanilla frosting


Thick and syrupy, honey and vanilla, fruity, crisp green apple, peach, grapefruit, some peppery spice and heat, toffee and caramel oak, toasted coconut, with water, this becomes sweeter and smoother with a little more grapefruit zest in the finish


Medium, vanilla, sweet, toffee, oak, zesty citrus


During the WOLS Highland trip 2014 we stopped off at the Tomatin distillery for a tasting (as we didn’t have time to complete the full tour). During the tasting we sampled both of the distillery exclusive bottle-your-own expressions. I favoured the ex-bourbon cask-matured example over the ex-sherry. This one was full of vanilla and white chocolate but with zesty fruits behind that were barely contained.

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