SMWS 7.107 The good old days

Longmorn 10 Years Old 2003 7.107 The good old days (60.6%, SMWS, 1st Fill Bourbon Barrel, 211 Bottles, 2014)

  • Single malt scotch whisky
  • 60.6% ABV, £48.40
  • Score: 83/100


What they say:

Colour: Shiny trumpet

Flavour: Spicy & sweet

All of us stepped back in time into a good old fashioned hardware store with well looked after worn oak floorboards. We purchased a handful of nails out of a bucket and noticed in the corner a heavy metal letter press dating back to the Industrial Revolution. We were then offered a ’pint of eighty’ out of an antique pewter tankard, ate Dundee cake and marshmallows whilst admiring a Meccano model steam locomotive. For a glass of water we moved into the manager’s office, new carpets, a freshly polished oak table and rosemary roasted mixed nuts in a hammered copper bowl.

Drinking tip: Whilst rummaging through the attic

Vintage 22.09.2003
Bottled 2014
Age 10 years old
Cask type 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
Number of bottles 211


What I say:

One of the joys of having Paula pick out my drams while visiting the SMWS is that she has started to tune into some of the distillery codes. Number 7 is her favourite, Longmorn distillery (SMWS distillery #7) up in Speyside. We have sampled several #7’s in our time, here is another that was recently available at SMWS The Vaults in Leith.


Yellow old gold


Sweet floral, rose, Turkish delight, jelly babies (fruit jellies covered in icing sugar), some herbal rosemary


Sweet sugary and effervescent citric sherbet fizz, strong coppery metallic, nutty, almond and hazelnut, planed oak wood and sawdust with light toffee and caramel notes


Medium length, tempered sweetness with lemon pith and grapefruit zest


A young Longmorn with rather a lot of copper/metal influence and plenty of oak wood. There are some floral, fruit and sweet elements we classically associate and love from Longmorn in here too. Not bad for only 10 years old.

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