Kilchoman Club 3rd Release

Kilchoman Club 3rd Release Madeira Cask ~ 58.4% (Kilchoman Distillery)

  • Single malt scotch whisky
  • 58.4% ABV,
  • £75
  • Score: 84/100

Kilchoman Madeira Cask Matured 2011

What they say:

The Kilchoman Club Release – Third Edition is exclusively available to members of the Kilchoman Club. This release will be our first ever Madeira matured single malt. The bottling is a vatting of Madeira casks, distilled on February 11th 2010 and bottled on November 24th. Just over 600 bottles of the limited release will be available.

As with previous years it will be individually numbered and bottled at cask strength (58.4% ABV). Due to the limited number of bottles, members are limited to ONE BOTTLE PER PERSON (sorry!).


What I say:

The 3rd small batch release exclusive to the Kilchoman Club members from Kilchoman distillery. This time Kilchoman have matured there spirit exclusively in ex-Madeira wine casks for ~4 and 1/2 years before bottling at cask strength.


Copper orange, with non-resolving medium/heavy tears


Cigarettes (and alcohol! – sorry couldn’t resist!), lactic Kilchoman peat, fruity and sweet, earthy peat smoke, cereal barley malt, slightly savoury doughy bread or cake mixture/batter, peaches and almonds


Coffee, café latte, sweet fruit jam or jelly mostly peaches and nectarines, a spicy chilli (scotch bonnet) chilli heat develops and subsides to sweet honey, peat smoke, toasted almonds, the lining of rubber wellingtons worn on a hot day (sweaty/rubbery), and honey glazed ham on a freshly baked baguette


Long, savoury, sour peat ash and smoke, sweet meaty and hints of peanut/satay sauce


My overall impression of this was ‘An Unusual Combination’. There is oodles of that lovely Kilchoman peat and their spirit nature that works so well at a young age. This is youth-full and spritely without too much challenging feistiness in there (though the chill spice/alcohol burn does get a little hot on the palate!). Perfectly drinkable at cask strength a little water revealed more of the fruity Madeira cask-influence. The inclusion of the rubber wellies flavour really threw me but invoked some wonderful childhood memories! Overall drinkable, enjoyable but another indication that Madeira-cask finishes whilst not my preferred flavour profile can still impress me with their complexity and a few unusual flavours not normally found from say bourbon, sherry or other wine-cask finishes.

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