Laphroaig 15 Years Old – Cask Sample DL9877~ 61.9% (Douglas Laing)

Laphroaig 15 Years Old – Cask Sample DL9877

Single malt scotch whisky

61.9% ABV

Score: 89/100


What they say:

Another single cask sample during our visit to the Douglas Laing & Co Ltd. HQ, this time from Laphroaig and aged to 15 years in cask Ref DL9877. Distilled 14th May 1998 and bottled/sampled 20th November 2013


What I say:

Single cask, cask strength 15 year old Laphroaig sample, matured by Douglas Laing & Co Ltd. and hopefully soon to be released.


Light gold


Peanut/satay typical of Laphroiag, sweet earthy peat, a little meaty, sweet vanilla cream


Warming, vanilla cream and custard, gentle spicy fizz of cinnamon and nutmeg, peanut peat and freshly made brown toast with hot butter melted on


Long, vanilla cream and peat smoke


A classic ex-bourbon/American oak matured Laphroaig, old enough to have imbued a healthy dose of vanillins which complement that sweet peaty smoke that so reminds me of peanut and satay sauce on meat – what I just love about Laphroaig. Again another sample I would hope is bottled soon!

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