Mackmyra Special:08 Handplockat

Mackmyra Special:08 Handplockat ~ 46% (Mackmyra)

  • 46% ABV, £76 for 70cl
  • Score: 90/100


What they say:

Mackmyra Special:08 is a delicious, spicy, Swedish malt whisky with a floral and fruity character. This whisky is made from our Elegant recipe that has been matured on a mix of bourbon casks, sherry casks and casks made of new Swedish and American oak and finished on French Sauternes cask.

Mackmyra Special is a drink for special occasions and special people. For you who have found the Swedish malt whisky and wants to experience its nuances. For you who live life less ordinary.

Nose: The nose is slightly spicy and herbal, fruity and floral with notes of honey, ripe pears and raisin together with a soft roasted cask character, notes of butterscotch and nuts with a delicious spicy oakiness.

Taste: The palate is fruity, spicy and soft. The aftertaste is long, fruity and spicy with light notes of soft oak and butterscotch.

Colour: Bright golden yellow. No coloring has been used,


What I say:

Our 2nd Mackmyra whisky expression is this Special 08 handpicked edition finished in ex-Sauternes wine casks


Antique yellow gold, thick/strong tears


Pear tart or tarte tatin, peach blossom, cinnamon and winter spices


Smooth, oily and buttery with creamy toffee and butterscotch, apricot, peach and pear puree or smoothie with toffee sauce and vanilla cream


Drying hints of oak wood and cinnamon and winter mulling spices return for a  medium/long finish


Full of creamy toffee with subtle hints of spicy oak wood I find it hard to find anything I didn’t like in this dram. Great molten butter mouthfeel, this one melts in your mouth and gives off subtle fruits. Simply excellent!


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