Potter Distilling Company 24 Years Old 1990 Indian Corn Whisky

Potter Distilling Company 24 Years Old 1990 Indian Corn Whisky (56.5%, Cadenheads, Bourbon Barrel, 124 Bottles, 2014)

  • 56.5% ABV, £67.50 for 70cl
  • Score: 82/100


What they say:

A very intriguing independent bottling of whisky made with Indian Corn, distilled by Potter Distilling Company in Kelowna, Canada. It was matured in a bourbon barrel for 24 years before being bottled by WM Cadenhead with an outturn of 126 bottles.

What I say:

Sampled at: Jolly Toper Tasting 21/02/2014

Distinctly Rye whisky this one confused a few who were guessing at some kind of rum-cask finish due to the spicy gingery sweetness. Cadenhead’s are not really sure where this whisky came from in Canada, only that it was found as maturing stock in a warehouse and was marked as Indian Corn Whisky (Indian Corn is reputed to be animal grade maize, or corn as we call it in the UK). A spicy intensity, but a real pleasure to drink – surprised a few on the night who quickly put in a request for a bottle to be saved for them.




Vaporous with hints of acetone, spicy ginger and linseed oil


Brown sugar and molasses, sweet and sugary with spicy ginger increasing to cayenne pepper intensity before returning to woody sugars


Continues with spicy and sugary ginger

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