Islay 1842 Cask

Islay 1842 Cask ~ 58.3% (Wm Cadenhead)

  • 58.3% ABV, £50 for 70cl
  • Score: 81/100


What they say:

This is a regional style Malt whisky bottled direct from our own live casks.

Formally known as vatted malt’s or pure malts, so long as you only used 100% malt whiskies you could create a vatted malt.

Each cask contains 2 or more single malts from the region’s, recently a new name was given to this style of malt whisky (Blended malt )

As the cask is filled and left to mature it’s taste and flavour is naturally diffrent to the casks maturing in our London store.

The Islay cask is a very big beast indeed, full smoke and peat are the order of the day with this cask.

As with any of our 1842 casks you will find it difficult to pin down one distillery flavour but you will taste something familiar in each of the casks that reminds you of your favourite whisky in that region.

If you would like this to be bottled for a Birthday or a special occation then let us know when placing the order, we can’t bottle on a Sunday or Bank holidays sadly, the label will contain the bottling date and a short first name can be added to the Label.

Example tasting notes:

Definitely Islay with full smoke and peat from the moment you open this dram, Sweet pepper and citrus fruits arrive with the classic iodine edges one would expect from a classic Islay.
Initial hit of peat arrives with some waves of salted nuts and smoked fruity barbecue tones across the palate with an abundance of citrus and creamed fruits that allow this cask to give the drinker a balanced dram.
Clean sweet edges, warming soft smoke and waves of classic Islay peat linger with that unmistakable medicinal note we expect from an Islay. It’s not overwhelming in it’s peat & smoke as a final flourish of sweet citrus fruits balance the last of this dram on the palate.


What I say:

Dram #5 from WOLS tasting 14/3 ‘Age is only a number’ is this no-age-statement blende Islay malt from Cadenheads Royal Mile shop in Edinburgh. Recently postulated to be filled last with Caol Ila and likely recently filled with Laphroaig (if of course we were to just guess at what we were drinking!)


Straw/pale gold


Light peaty, vanilla, coconut, some cereal, a little ester and spirit notes


Vanilla, coconut, peanut (Laphroaig?), earthy peat


Medium oily peat smoke but still some vanilla sweetness


Simple but very drinkable, lots of vanilla and coconut sweetness temper the peat smoke which is vibrant and vigorous. If you look hard enough you can possibly taste some of the better known/bigger producers of Islay malts within this. Part of the fun of the living casks!

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