Great King Street Experimental Batch #00-V4

Compass Box Great King Street Experimental Batch #00-V4 (43%, Compass Box, 2014)

  • 43% ABV,
  • £33 for 70cl
  • Score: 78/100


What they say:

Since the launch of the Artist’s Blend in 2011 we’ve been thinking about the style of the second permanent whisky in the Great King Street range. Blending provides a platform for limitless styles, so the world is our oyster.
Two styles have emerged as the leading contenders – one smoky, the other lightly sherried – and so we have released a small experimental batch of each to help us decide.
So, taste, savour, mix if you like; above all, share and enjoy them with your friends.

Batch #00-V4 (Orange)

  • Sweet, fruity with notes of blueberry jam, ripe plums, candied oranges and toffee popcorn. A one-off, limited release of 3,439 bottles

What I say:

Again ~30% grain this consists of some sherry-matured malts – the most interesting and obvious suggestion was to mix these two experimental batched together to see what ratio’s provided the nicest balance between them. Obviously these split the room in terms of favourites but everyone agreed a little of each was probably required to get the best out of both.


Gold with amber hints


Tannic and leathery – definite sherry influence


Fruity, sherry fizz, tannic but lacked a little depth/body


Medium, suede leather

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