Littlemill 23 Years Old 1991 Cask 112

Littlemill 23 Years Old 1991 Cask#112 52.9% (Pearls of Scotland)

  • 52.9% ABV,
  • Score: 85/100

Littlemill 23yo 1991 CS

What they say:

Littlemill 23 Year Old 1991 Pearls of Scotland Single Malt Scotch 52.9% ABV. Lowland whisky from Scotland, Gordon & Co. bottling Single cask #112. Distilled January 1991, Bottled June 2014.


What I say:

My 2nd Littlemill (after Littlemill 27 Year Old 1985 – The Coopers Choice ~ 46% (The Vintage Malt Whisky Company) ) however this one is both from a single cask and delivered at cask strength… Bottle No. 009 of 225


Straw gold


Linseed oil, vanilla, heather honey, cereal barley malt, golden syrup, musty old wooden wardrobes


Sweet and a little savoury honey, fruity crisp red apples, cereal barley malt, a little nutmeg spice features before a fibrous herbal and distinctly aged oak wood flavours predominate, mildly bitter and like a musty wine cellar


Medium/long oaky wood prevails

Would I buy it:

For the resale value alone (I jest!). Actually I think this was originally sold more in the £70-£80 bracket and if true then that is a fantastic price for this piece of unadulterated history. As Littlemill was closed in 1993 stocks must be becoming increasingly rare and the temptation to water down casks to be bottled must be increasingly appealing considering the retail value per bottle. Hats off to the folks at Gordon & Co. for presenting this single cask whisky at cask strength, undiluted or chill-filtered. Perhaps over-aged just a little, this doesn’t detract from the palate and I hope represents a true example of the Littlemill output. Honoured to have tasted this one!

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