Alberta Premium 25 Years Old 100% Rye Whisky

Alberta Premium 25 Years Old 100% Rye Whisky ~ 40% (Alberta Distillers, Beam/Suntory)

  • 40% ABV,
  • C$30 for 70cl
  • Score: 83/100


What they say:

This whiskey is made by Alberta Distillers in the heart of Canada’s rye-growing country – where cold barren winters give way to an abundant crop of the finest rye. Made by blending two aged whiskies, one of which is aged for flavor in used bourbon casks. Then, after blending, it is aged some more. Alberta Premium is aged for 5 years (*Sic: for the Standard expression, not the 25 year old we were tasting). The slow aging in cold temperatures preserves the natural rye spice. Known for its full flavour.

Davin de Kergommeaux has compiled both excellent tasting notes and everything you could possibly want to know about Alberta Premium 25 years old 100% Rye whisky, see his fantastic and detailed review and tasting notes at Canadian


What I say:

Only my second foray into Canadian Whisky, and again thanks to the hands of Mark (Jolly Toper) Davidson, this was another mystery dram from one of his tastings. Picked up by an associate for around $30 this is an expression rarely seen on the European market. Produced by distilling a mashbill of 100% Rye and then aged for 25 Years this seems to be an incredibly good price for an aged and unusual whisky.


Full gold/golden amber


Sweet golden syrup, Polish and oil – this took me back to an old local repair shop/hardware store which assailed you with machine oil, camphor/mothballs, linseed oil and wood polish along with all the old wooden storage boxes for machine parts, vanilla and a little cinnamon bubblegum


Sweet honey, vanilla and butterscotch toffee, some cereal grains (I questioned corn/maize though it is clearly rye!) and (furniture?) wood


Relatively short with sweet honey and lingering woody notes

Would I buy it:

Sadly not retailed in the UK, a 25 year old, 100% Rye Canadian whisky for ~£25 ($30 equivalent) is an absolute bargain! As an exemplar of Canadian whisky I was very impressed and hope to try many more!

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