Glen Moray

Glen Moray 20 Years Old 1992 The vintage collection

Glen Moray 20 Years Old 1992 The vintage collection (46%, Carn Mor, Port Finish, 2013)

  • 46% ABV,
  • £23 for 20cl
  • Score: 84/100


What they say:

Bottled by Morrison & Mackay under the Carn Mor Vintage Collection label. This whisky was distilled at the Glen Moray Distillery in Speyside in 1992 and at some point was transferred to a port pipe (cask# PP001) for an indeterminate period of port-finishing. Bottled in 2012 at 46% ABV, the label states a limited edition of 480 bottles


What I say:

After a recent tip-off about Glen Moray I went about purchasing as many expressions of their whisky as possible. This one I spotted in a local specialist whisky shop I know well for stocking Carn Mor bottlings. Even better at 20cl it allowed me to purchase this and several other expressions without having to justify buying more expensive 70cl sized bottles.


Copper gold with ruby highlights


Deep floral and sweet, this gave up fresh raspberry and strawberry, cereal barley, sweet honey and mixed berry jam, and some floral sweet rose


Syrupy mouthfeel, this has gentle and delicate fruits, plum and quince, red berries and cream ice cream and heather honey sweetness


Relatively short, oaky wood  and some fruity sweetness lingers

Would I buy it again:

Very delicate and easy drinking, needs a little time to open up and release some of the flavours. The port finishing is almost on the cusp of being un-noticeable as it drinks so smoothly and easily. With time a depth of aged oak and that fruity port infusion become apparent. I probably would purchase more of this if I see it around, however that is increasingly unlikely due to the limited number and year of bottling.

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