Kilchoman Coull Point

Kilchoman Coull Point 46% (Travel Retail Exclusive)

  • 46% ABV, £44.99 for 70cl
  • Score: 83/100

Kilchoman Coull Point

What they say:

Continuing the tradition of Kilchoman whiskies being named after landmarks near the distillery, Coull Point is a rugged headland just half a mile north of Machir Bay.  Coull Point is a limited edition bottling exclusively available from 14 World of Whiskies stores at airports across the UK priced at £44.99. Coull Point is available from World of Whiskies stores at Heathrow T1-T5, both terminals at Gatwick and Manchester, Stansted, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

What I say:

Kilchoman’s Coull Point expression is the first foray into the travel retail exclusive market from Kilchoman distillery on Islay. Reportedly made up from 4 and 5 year old whiskies matured primarily in Bourbon barrels, though the 4 year old is finished for around 3-4 months in Oloroso sherry casks before its marriage with the 5 year old pure bourbon matured whisky prior to bottling. The result is not only possibly one of the older but also more complex constructed expressions to come out of Kilchoman so far. Combine this with the relatively low sale price obtainable via duty free shopping and Kilchoman could well be onto a winner with this one.


Light rose gold


New hay, stable/barnyard, slightly lactic, sweet, marshmallows, vanilla, peaty, toffee, coconut, roasted chicory, beefy, furniture polish and medicinal iodine (complex and evolving)


Earthy peat, cereal barley malt, masses of sweet vanilla custard, peanut/satay, cinnamon and chilli pepper spices build, minimal Oloroso influence detected


Long, peaty ash and spice

Would I buy it:

We were very impressed with this expression, this really hits the spot and has a distinctly (young) Ardbeggian or to me Lagavulian reminiscence. The combination of malty and lactic peaty whisky with that minimal Oloroso sherry influence places it firmly in the 10yo Lagavulin refill sherry butt taste region. Another hit from Kilchoman – well done guys!

Thanks also to Adam Irvine for kindly providing the sample.

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