As We Get It Highland Whisky 67.9%

As We Get It Highland Whisky 67.9% (Ian MacLeod & Co. Ltd.)

  • 67.9% ABV, £43.50
  • Score: 84/100


What they say:

‘As We Get It’

Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

‘Straight From The Cask’

A well-respected brand in Scotland, these unique and quirky Highland and Islay single malt Scotch whiskies are made the old fashioned way.

A ‘valuable’ addition to any whisky collection, ‘As We Get It’ is bottled straight from the cask in the traditional manner.

Unchillfiltered for a richer, smoother taste, both whiskies’ colour and strength change with each bottling, so no two bottlings are ever the same.

Traditional packaging complements the ‘As We Get It’ theme.

As We Get It 67.9%

What I say:

This is the 67.9% ABV / 119° proof Highland single malt which is lacking the ‘Aged 8 Years’ statement on the label.


Dark amber ruby


Christmas cake, fruity sherry, cocoa powder and strong dark chocolate


(Requires water!) At 67.9% this is incredibly strong and overwhelms the palate; however a liberal dosage of water reveals Christmas cake or Christmas pudding, plum, cherry, fig, honey sweet, chocolate and cocoa almost a little bitter like mocha (chocolate/coffee)


Medium long with deep fruits and cocoa powder

Would I buy it again:

Once diluted this is a cracker of a sherry bomb dram, most likely from Glenfarclas Distillery was the consensus opinion amongst those tasting it though this would assume that McLeod’s don’t make the distinction of Speyside being a specific sub-area of the Highland region. Regardless, this is highly alcoholic and massively influenced by the sherry-cask it was matured in; you can water this down a long way and still get plenty of flavour from this. Be very wary of drinking this ‘As You Get It’! Once diluted it is a very fine dram and I would be surprised if it wasn’t still 8 years old.

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