Mortlach 22 Years Old 1989 Single Cask 3926

Mortlach 22 Years Old 1989 Cask 3926 54.9% (Mackillops Choice)

  • 54.9% ABV,
  • £110 for 70cl
  • Score: 90/100


What they say:

A cask strength sherry-matured Mortlach from MacKillop’s Choice. This was distilled on the 1st September 1989 and aged for 22 years in cask 3926 before bottling in March of 2012. Each bottle is individually numbered.

What I say:

The conclusion (temporarily) of our recent libations through some Indie bottled Mortlach’s. I’m sure before too long I’ll discover plenty more and try those too… Anyway lets end on a high!


Pale gold


Crisp mint and fresh green apple, toffee and honey sweetness, greengages, honeydew melon, oaky wood and cereal barley malt can also be discovered in the depths of the glass


Buttery in texture with cinnamon spice and lime zest fizz initially, this mellows into a fruity citrus with green apples and a good measure of ginger, toffee, hints of cocoa and a little salted caramel


Heart warming and spirit/vaporous, sweet with a citric edge

Would I buy it:

I could be tempted though I’d consider £100 possibly as an upper limit for a single bottle of whisky; perhaps if really treating myself I could excuse this purchase! What a dram though, this one required a little time to breathe in the glass and became sweeter and creamier with air, but still awarded it a full 90 points on our scale – possibly the best whisky (bang per buck) of 2014 so far…

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