Mortlach 21 Years Old 1991 Cask Strength Collection

Mortlach 21 Years Old 1991 Cask Strength Collection (53.8%, Signatory, Sherry Butt #12/943, 315 Bottles, 2012)

53.8% ABV, £75 for 70cl

Score: 85/100

Mortlach 21 Years Old 1991 [Cask 12/943] - Cask Strength Collection (Signatory)

What they say:

Distilled on 1st October 1991 and bottled on 8th November 2011, this expression from Mortlach Distillery was matured in refill sherry butt #12/943 for 21 years and produced a 315 bottle outturn. Bottled by Signatory Vintage as part of their Cask Strength Collection

What I say:

Oooh another old Mortlach – Ok so I am on a bit of a theme here, I have in fact been tasting every Mortlach I can get my hands on in the run up to their launching the new range of official bottlings. Purely for research purposes of course, I was really testing out the variety of expressions and also the quality from different independent bottlers whilst keeping as many variables as uniform as possible (honest!)


Pale antique gold


Honey, toffee, butterscotch, vanilla and coconut


Smooth butterscotch toffee and clotted cream fudge, hints of fresh mint leaves and lime zest


Long oaky wood, toffee sweetness and refreshing mint mouthwash

Would I buy it:

I was most surprised after tasting this blind that it had been anywhere near a sherry cask. My guess would be either a 2nd refill or a pretty (close to) exhausted cask was used. Little to no sherry influence was detected in our tasting notes; more than likely the biggest effect on the spirit was the remaining character from the European oak that the sherry butt was made out of. Still this was particularly delicious and has just the right balance of smooth creamy fudge flavours with that hint of mint and zest to refresh the palate at the end making you want to go back and sip some more.

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