Glen Garioch

Glen Garioch Virgin Oak

Glen Garioch Virgin Oak (48%, OB, 2013)

  • Highland single malt scotch whisky
  • Glen Garioch distillery
  • 48% ABV,
  • £65 for 70cl
  • Score: 79/100


What they say:

48% ABV Bottled: 2013 Cask: Virgin North American Oak

The very first release of Glen Garioch fully matured in virgin North American white oak casks is unlike anything you have ever tasted.

A velvet explosion of rich buttery malt, chocolate and spice. Tangy orange and ginger marmalade melds with treacle syrup and rich chocolate cake, leading to a long and warming finish of barley sugar and spice.

What I say:

Glen Garioch is one of those distilleries that I never quite got round to tasting despite coming across various expressions in various locations, there was always something more instantly appealing or intriguing. Bizarrely enough the first expression I did try from Glen Garioch was a 1978 vintage bottled exclusively for Milroy’s of Soho, which I had the pleasure of drinking during their hosted tweet tasting (read all about that here: Milroy’s of Soho Tweet Tasting 2). Whilst attending the Whisky Stramash in Edinburgh on Saturday May 24th 2014, I had the pleasure of sampling this virgin oak/no-age statement expression from Glen Garioch – a whisky which many of my confederates highly rated.


Yellow gold


Sweet vanilla custard, pear drops, lemon and lime citrus zest, honey, fruity, oranges and apples.


Sweet honey and cereal barley, fruity slightly acidic fizz (though surprisingly not green oaky wood), lemon and grapefruit fizz and lemon foam, lemon barley sugars


Short sweet and acidic citrus zest

Would I buy it:

I found this Glen Garioch very sweet but quite enjoyable. I was surprised how well the spirit had matured in virgin oak and had managed to avoid a lot of the acridity and acidity associated with fresh green wood; if anything it add a spicy citrus zestiness that was refreshing but grew a little too sweet for my liking. Considering the price tag and my flavour preference I am unlikely to rush out to buy one but I can easily see why my peers raved about this particular expression.

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