Lagavulin 32 Years Old 1982 Single Cask

Lagavulin 32 Years Old 1982 (Single Cask Sample)

Score: 93/100

What they say:

Lagavulin Distillery Warehouse Tasting Sample #4

Lagavulin Warehouse

What we say:

A full 32 years old, this sample was distilled in 1982 and matured in a refill sherry butt originally used (and colour coded) for maturation of Lagavulin stock intended for use in Dewar’s whisky blends. Estimate % ABV in the low 40’s?


Pale Gold


Sweet and fruity, red berry fruits: strawberry, plum, cherry then barley malt, spicy peanut satay, musty oak wood like a dank wine cellar followed by that characteristic (for Lagavulin) machine oil mixed with a little linseed oil


Smooth, warm and buttery in the mouth with sweet honey, fruity apple, cherry and plum, cereal barley malt with a hint of gingery spice, smooth/fine marzipan and oaky wood


Long and delicate, more wine cellar oak wood and marzipan with a gentle fruity honey sweetness

Would I buy it:

If only! This is a very effeminate expression of Lagavulin, soft and smooth and supple after 32 years the spirit has finally been tamed and matured into something svelte, simply amazing…


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