Lagavulin 10 Years Old 2004 Single Cask 7746


Lagavulin 10 Years Old 2004 Cask#7746 (Single Cask Sample)

~56% ABV

Score: 88/100

What they say:

Distilled in 2004 and matured for 10 years in a an ex-sherry cask

What we say:

Following our tour of Lagavulin Distillery we were then treated to the daily Warehouse Tasting with Warehouseman Iain McArthur. With 40+ years experience working in the distillery Iain is a master of the slumbering casks. First we tried some of the Lagavulin New Make to sample the raw spirit flavours before they go into the casks for maturation. Iain also described how the various maturations for blends and companies were originally in casks with colour coded ends for ease of identification. Our first cask sample was a 10 year old from a 2004 (2nd fill?) sherry cask.


Blood orange amber


Sweet malt and peat, peanut, gun oil, fermented hay or lactic milk (found in the new make also), bread dough, sherry fruit, oak wood and furniture polish


Fruity honey syrup, ginger and cinnamon spice, malty and lactic, suede leather, spearmint, figs and prunes, more malty cereal barley before faintest hints of smoky peat


Wow! powerful vaporous smoke, heart-warming, ginger and malt, lasts forever

Would I buy it:

If it were for sale, definitely yes! This is young and full of fire but already begging for drinking. A little water revealed more of the sherry influences of sweet fruits. The finish is like a malty smokebomb going off in your mouth.

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