Deanston 12 Year Old 1999 Glenkeir Treasures Selection (40%, The Whisky Shop, 2011)

Deanston 12 Year Old Oloroso Cask – Glenkeir Treasures Selection (The Whisky Shop)

40% ABV, £44 for 50cl

Score: 86/100

What they say:

Finished in Oloroso wood, a rich, fruity and sumptuous malt that is utterly unique. Bottled at 40% volume.


What I say:

Deanston is one of my favourite ’boutiquey’ distilleries at the moment. They are not particularly well-known or mainstream and have relatively few expressions, unless of course you visit their distillery near Doune. I spotted this 12 year old Oloroso sherry matured version in the Whisky Shop as part of their ‘bottle your own from the cask’ Glenkeir Treasure Selection, so a wee 10cl was on the cards. I was not disappointed…


Deep ruby amber


Sherry leather fizz, old leather couch, tannic and fruity with that Deanston malted barley aroma


Creamy chocolate malted milkshake, thick and viscous with oodles of toffee and juicy red berry fruits, reminded me a little of Harvey’s Bristol Cream sherry.


Long, drying with spices, then sweet salted caramels and chocolate with macadamia/brazil nut oil and a fruity aftertaste

Would I buy it again:

Indeed, this is an absolute stunner from the Glenkeir Treasures Selection, a perfect example of that Deanston signature malt with all it’s inherent toffee sweetness and cereal barley body but layered with thick creamy fruit & nut chocolate bar derived from the sherry.

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