Hopetoun Single Malt Scotch Whisky

‘Hopetoun’ Single Malt Scotch Whisky ~ 40% (Hopetoun)

  • 40% ABV,
  • Score: 80/100
  • What they say:

A whisky with a deep oaky flavour with a smooth aftertaste of caramel and spice.

What I say:

Bottled for Hopetoun House and sold at their farm shop, produced at Tullibardine distillery and matured in bourbon oak (assuming from the colour). Presumably still quite young considering that Tullibardine themselves have till not enough stock to be putting an age-statement on their own core range, though I heard a rumour they are hoping to put out a 10 year old soon perhaps…


Pale gold


Slightly astringent woody oak (signature Tullibardine), caramel, floral and sweetie-like parma violets. nail polish / acetone, soapy lavender


Soapy violets, sandalwood, rosewood, perfumed wood, sweet caramel, clotted cream fudge or toffee, toasted bread


Warming, sweet and delicate, creamy with some subtle fruitiness with malty and woody astringency – more drying than soapy in the finish

Would I buy it again:

Probably, I have a little soft spot for Tullibardine, along with The Balvenie this was one of the first distilleries that we quickly tuned into their signature distillate characters. For me this character presents as  slightly woody (almost new wood) with a little sweetness and cereals though both very light and delicate. Personally I feel the best Tullibardine expressions I have had have been cask-finished (Sauternes, Sherry, etc.) in which that character is never lost but just adds to the overall experience. This is light and likely from a refill bourbon barrel possibly anywhere from 8-12 years old at a guess. Don’t let the very pale colouring put you off, this has plenty of character and flavour and makes a delicious dram for sitting and enjoying in your garden while the sun shines. An excellent selection for Hopetoun.

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