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Aberlour 18 Years Old


Aberlour 18 Year Old whisky review: Much more dried fruit and sherry influence in the 18 year old expression as compared to the Aberlour Triple Cask I sampled in this little duet. Still quite fresh and zesty polish and pear drop distillate character and masses of apples join much of the sherry-derived darker fruits. 88/100

Aberlour Triple Cask


Aberlour Triple Cask whisky review: A soft and gentle expression full of red apples, some cinnamon bubblegum and pear drops suggest youthfulness but also distillery character here too. Rather pleasing at this price, and an acceptable replacement for the 10 year old expression. 83/100

Aberlour 16 Years Old 2000 Sherry Cask


A rich and deliciously sherried Aberlour, this hand-fill cask really proves the base filling underpinning Aberlour’s A’Bunadh expression. A perfect example of how their light apple & honey spirit character really can work with a dollop of sherry cask maturation (as most of their standard range also attest). It really is a joy to find unadultered whiskies like this that reminds me why I love this particular distillery and its whisky so much! Visiting Aberlour distillery was definitely a highlight of 2016 for me. 91/100

SMWS 54.36 Pocket rocket

SMWS 54.36 pocket rocket

A little underwhelming, I found this quite one-dimensional ‘fruity’ and was a little disappointed – though that may have been partly due to my expectation of Aberlour to be much more entertaining than this. I guess despite the quality of the spirit a young refill barrel hasn’t completely tamed this one for me and adding water makes it more interesting but not necessarily more enjoyable? Sadly my least favourite of the tasting. 81/100

Aberlour 19 Years Old 1995 Wine Cask

Aberlour 19yo Sauternes Cadenheads

I’m stuggling to think of a better combination of whisky and cask than this example. The beautiful soft sweetness of Aberlour’s honeyed apples in Sweet (vin liquoreux) White Bordeaux such as Sauternes giving a zesty sweetness and a little salt and spice to the caramel. Simply delicious, more apple-y than a bag of apples! 91/100

Aberlour A’Bunadh Batch 49

Another stonking batch from Aberlour, perhaps more biased towards the sweet side, this one may make your teeth hurt. Paired with the bittering influence of high percentage cocoa dark chocolate however helped temper this sweetness long enough to reveal some of the other fruity and nutty notes from the Aberlour spirit and sherry cask infuences. A dram for sweet-tooths! 85/100