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Kilkerran 12 Years Old


A remarkable single malt from Glengyle distillery, this Kilkerran 12 Years Old is marvellously constructed and is one I have been meaning to write a review of since buying the bottle. Unfortunately every dram I pour for the purposes of analysis and review gets slowly and quietly consumed while I revel in its pure pleasure. This dram could sit and watch you read a book, in a comfy leather armchair, by a real wood fire and still be there for a sip now and again should you need one! 86/100

Kilkerran Work In Progress 7 Bourbon Wood


A powerful and slightly unusual expression. There is a mass of vanilla here from the cask but water snuffs this out and I feel suddenly transported back to the WIP2 and 3 editions I have tried in terms of vigour and power on the palate. A slightly more rounded impression is given here. This is surely uncompromising stuff but a little over-mineralic and spicy for my palate initially, it requires time and I can only imagine represents some of the classic expressions of Campbeltown’s heyday – whisky as it was meant to be? 89/100

Kilkerran Work In Progress 2

Kilkerran WIP3

Better than I was expecting, my last experience of Kilkerran was the WIP5 at the 2013 Glasgow Whisky Festival at which it stood out as young and harsh – but possibly due to unfair comparison with some really very old and beautifully constructed whiskies around it. This was actually quite refreshingly bourbon-matured in character after a couple of reasonably older, more sherried drams. 80/100