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Defilement 8 Years Old Chestnut Cask Finish


Hah a curve ball in the form of this Chestnut wood cask, whilst distinctly not oak, but then again this is not Scotch, it is a blended English whisky so I’m unsure if English whisky regulations exist or preclude the use of other wood (much like Irish chestnut casked whiskey sampled previously). Something a little different and very tasty! 84/100

Kilchoman 8 Years Old 2011 Single Cask 490


Kilchoman 8 Years Old 2011 ‘Unpeated’ Cask 490 RMW Exclusive Whisky Review: Ha! Cheeky Kilchoman putting unpeated distillate together with peated feints and forshots from the previous distillation run. Matured in a first fill ex-bourbon barrel (or hogshead based on the number of Cask strength bottles) there is not much here to mask mostly spirit nature. It has been sometime since I regularly sampled Kilchoman and this was a very welcome return and my favourite of the tasting. 83/100

Islay Mist 8 Year Old Amontillado Napoleon Finish


Islay Mist 8 Year Old Amontillado Napoleon Finish Whisky Review: While there are some full flavoured malts in here – and I suspect a very good helping of Caol Ila in particular there was also something drawing the palate back to neutrality that could be nothing other than grain spirit. I completely missed that the sweetness here was due to the Amontillado sherry cask finish and just assumed it was a well-constructed blend. 82/100