Lindores Abbey

 Lindores Abbey Distillery

History After a break of 523 years, spirit is once again flowing from the copper stills at Lindores Abbey. With Lindores Abbey’s widely recognised links to the earliest written reference to Scotch Whisky and learning as much as we can from the great Scottish distillers around us, past and present, we are bringing a very modern whisky-making approach to this ancient site.

The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

Official Bottling
  • Lindores Abbey 2 Years Old 2018 Cask 29 (2021) - A hint of Lindores Abbey florality peeks through here but most of this spirit reveals cask-led flavours, coastal, lime and peat perhaps even a Kildalton malt was previously in this cask?
  • Lindores Abbey 3 Years Old 2018 Cask 38 (2021) - The STR wine barrique has imparted plenty of colour and lots of sweet red fruit flavours and herbal nature into Lindores Abbey distillate here.
  • Lindores Abbey 3 Years Old 2018 Cask 68 (2021) - An insight into Lindores Abbey distillate signature following 3 years in 1st fill ex-bourbon cask. Revealing floral and tropical fruit flavours.
  • Lindores Abbey 3 Years Old 2018 Cask 95 (2021) - My favourite of the tasting, despite being a larger container with reduced wood influence the sherry has really worked wonders here.
  • Lindores Abbey Aqua Vitae Lindores Abbey Aqua Vitae (2018) - Lindores Abbey Aqua Vitae review: Interesting neat but tastes a bit like a cough medicine and reminded me a lot of Calvados too, perhaps as part of a cocktail or longer drink this would come into its own? 80/100
  • Lindores Abbey Cask Blend Lindores Abbey Cask Blend (2018) - Lindores Abbey Cask Blend review: A little too feisty at 60% ABV, but packed full of dried fruit, spice and toffee, well-reduced with water it reveals some cask and some new make spirit characters and suggest that things are maturing quite nicely at Lindores Abbey distillery - a taste of things to come. 82/100
  • #LindoresAbbey Tasting Lindores Abbey New Make Spirit (2018) - Lindores Abbey New Make Spirit review: A delicate New Make Spirit with plenty of malt character and little lactic or metallic nature as can often be found, my guess would be they are aiming this to be very drinkable when it is still young (similar to Kilchoman when they started distilling)?
Independent Bottling