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Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength


A great intro to NAS, Cask Strength and Glenfarclas. I can safely say this 105 from Glenfarclas still sets and maintains a high standard. For a family-owned business like Glenfarclas it makes sense for them to do this right and keep doing it right. A great value-for-money, cask strength sherried, quality introductory dram from Glenfarclas.

A Fine Christmas Malt 2018

Christmas Malt 3

A Fine Christmas Malt 2018 whisky review: A lovely sherried Christmas dram, a little spicy and sappy/pine wood actually keeps this refreshing. There is plenty of sticky syrupy sweet and buttery oils in here but well-balanced against wood influences. Perhaps not the most redolent of Christmas for me, this sherried dram is very drinkable and certainly got me in the mood for Christmas at the very least. A great selection by The Whisky Exchange at a very reasonable price. 85/100

Glenfarclas 40 Years Old


Slightly over-oaked and verging on the extreme side of chocolate even for a chocaholic like myself. Gone were the honeyed notes and zestiness of the oranges and in come coffee grounds and the herbality of advanced oak wood ageing. Still an impressive expression but my palate preferred the 30 year old more than the Glenfarclas at 40. 92/100

Glenfarclas 30 Years Old


As a sherry-fan (and even sherry-bomb fan) I have to admit this comes pretty close to perfection. Wickedly indulgent in flavours and beautifully presented I find it difficult to find flaw in this expression. Easy to see how this won at the International Spirits Challenge. 93/100

Glenfarclas 25 Years Old


Starting with the 25 year old I noticed a pronounced aged/oaky wood character over say the 15 or 17 year old versions (though perhaps not the 21 – I may need to revisit). A beautiful creamy milk chocolate was the most interesting characteristic I found in this whisky though it rewards spending some time with it and opens out subtly. There was a little bitterness and tannin in places giving it a roughness for its age and keeping things interesting. 90/100