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Octomore 8.3


Octomore 08.3 whisky review: A mixture of sweet and bitter make for quite a complex dram permanently backed by peat influences but never overpowered by it. Lots of delicious woody herbal influence and a little earthen too in places, there is soft and tropical fruits and coconut in here also.  87/100

Octomore 8.2

Octomore 08.2 whisky review: Another peat monster but with some serious wine/fruity sweetness thrown in for measure. A little in conflict at first on the palate but eventually settles into a succulent sweet peatiness liked smoked jam. The wine casks have thrown in a handful of other fruits and plenty of oakiness too for good measure. 90/100

Octomore 7.2


Octomore 07.2 / 208ppm Cask Evolution (58.5%, OB, 2015) Bruichladdich Distillery Remy Cointreau 58.5% ABV £118.18 Score: 87/100 What they say: octomore07.2/ 208ppm Cask Evolution The latest exemplar of the cult that […]

Octomore 6.1

Octomore 06.1/167ppm Scottish Barley (57%, OB, 2014) 57% ABV, £90 for 70cl Score: 90/100 What they say: The world’s most heavily peated whisky, this is the sixth edition of the uber-experimental cult […]