Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve

The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve: Rum Barrel Selection

Image courtesy of Master of Malt

1. What they say

To create whisky with a tropical feel, our makers finished a portion of our smooth whisky in barrels that previously held Caribbean rum.

The result is a well balanced and exceptionally smooth whisky. Single malt, meet summer.

2. Official tasting notes

  • Nose Sweet notes of pear and red apple meet a fabulous tropical twist of ripe bananas in syrup
  • Palate Rich caramel toffee notes, followed by flavors of tropical fruits
  • Finish Well balanced and exceptionally smooth

3. Details

  • ABV 40%
  • Age NAS
  • Bottler OB
  • Bottling Caribbean Reserve
  • Cask Bourbon & Rum
  • Category Single malt scotch whisky
  • Cost £25-£35
  • Origin The Glenlivet Distillery
  • Region Speyside
  • Released 2022

4. What I say

Thanks to The Glenlivet / ANM Comms for gifting me a bottle of this to try. It has been some time since I have had a bottle of The Glenlivet on the shelf, mostly as they are such easy-drinkers they invariably don’t hang around for long. This expression carries no age statement and has been finished in rum barrels for a “tropical twist”. Aimed very much with Summer drinking in mind and use in cocktails/long drinks fitting with The Glenlivets’s recent ad campaign attempt to shatter the stereotypes of whisky drinkers. Regardless (as I’m likely not the target market for this ;-D). I sampled this neat as a classic Glenlivet single malt, wary of the fact I don’t usually favour or find much appreciable about rum cask finishing.

5. The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

  • Colour Rich gold bronze (12/20), quick, medium-fine tears and legs.
  • Nose Sweet, acetones, fruit, cereal and wood, pear and apple, banana and coconut (classic pairings) grassy hay and honey.
  • Taste Light bodied, silky, fruity with hints of spice, apple, pear, peach, banana and apricot, light peppery, orange zest, cinnamon wood spice, dark brown sugar and woody oak.
  • Finish Medium-long, syrupy banana fritters, honey, caramel becomes peppery later.

6. Overall

Drinkable and well-textured (light & silky or smooth) as expected from The Glenlivet. Filled with plenty of fruit, some tropical, with a touch of syrup and spice to help it along. A refreshing alternative to The Glenlivet’s classic 12 Year old expression for example and in similar price bracket.

7. Score 83/100

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