Westland Garryana 2020

Westland Garryana 5th Edition 2020

1. What they say

Edition 5 has a higher percentage of Garry Oak casks in the blend than any previous edition. Combining pale malt spirit with only peated spirit, it is also the simplest in construction. But that simplicity belies a depth of character that marries the unique flavors of each to create something altogether new.

2. Official tasting notes

  • Nose: A sweet fragrance of cottonwood serves as the greeting followed by Waffle Crisps cereal and rich smoked chocolate notes.
  • Palate: Signature barbecue notes are front and center. It’s spicy and savory, reminiscent of burnt ends. Along with it are notes of cacao butter, charred maple wood, and clove.

3. Details

  • ABV 50%
  • Age 45-73 Months
  • Barley Bill Washington Select Pale Malt & Baird’s Heavily Peated Malt
  • Bottler OB
  • Bottling Garryana 2020
  • Cask 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Quercus alba (64%) & Virgin Quercus garryana (36%)
  • Category American single malt whiskey
  • Cost £165
  • Origin Westland Distillery
  • Outturn 5625 bottles
  • Region US
  • Released 2020
  • Yeast Belgian Saison Brewer’s Yeast

4. What I say

Sampled during the Judgement of Westland experience at the 2021 TWE Whisky Show. A tour through the range of Westland single malt whiskies to determine if Seattle could be the equal of Scotland when it comes to the production of single malt whisky. Westland Garryana 5th Edition 2020 release featuring a return to heavy use of Quercus Garryana Oak.

5. The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

  • Colour Bright gold (11/20), medium tears and medium legs.
  • Nose Darker, treacle, toffee, chocolate, coffee, plum jam, creme caramel, fruity blueberry, soft peat smoke.
  • Taste Sweet honey, blueberry muffin, chocolate, polished oak wood, cherry, apple, melon, some ginger and clove, ryebread.
  • Finish Medium long, woody and dark, treacle and chicory coffee.

6. Overall

Complex with plenty of wood influence but also fruity, spicy and chocolate notes abound. Lifted by presentation at 50% ABV this has much more depth and presence than the heritage collection.

7. Score 86/100

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