Glasgow 1770 Tokaji Cask Finish

Glasgow 1770 Limited Edition Tokaji Cask Finish Cask #18/969

1. What they say

Tokaji Cask Finish’ has an outturn of 380 bottles at 53% ABV

Each bottle comes with in-depth detail of the whisky within to showcase the true journey of the spirit from the malt variety used to the distillation style, original cask filling, type of finishing cask used and final bottling date.

Non-chill filtered and natural in colour, as is the standard for all Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, these three limited edition releases are a true representation of The Glasgow Distillery’s innovative and experimental approach to whisky making.

Liam Hughes, CEO and Co-founder of the distillery commented:

“Something that sets us apart from most other distilleries is that we make three very distinct styles of single malt whisky at The Glasgow Distillery. Unpeated, peated and triple distilled spirit is a key feature of our annual production calendar and is characterised within our Glasgow 1770 Signature Range.

“With these three limited edition releases, we’re showcasing the incredible flexibility and versatility of our single malt by combining the different spirit styles with a range of interesting casks that we have been experimenting with at the distillery over the past couple of years.

“I’m really proud to be able to offer these three releases as an insight into what we get to see every day working at the distillery – innovation, experimentation and above all a commitment to quality. I hope everyone who makes a purchase chooses to open and enjoy these really interesting expressions.”

Mike Hayward, Co-founder, and Director of Distillery & Brands, commented on the different wine casks used to finish these three new releases:

“We’re excited to offer our customers a glimpse ‘behind-the-curtain’ and into the experimentations and cask-finishing trials we have been running recently. We have a really passionate and well-informed core customer base and I’m intrigued to see their reaction to these new expressions.

2. Official tasting notes

  • “The Triple Distilled ‘Tokaji Cask Finish’ uses this wonderfully decadent Hungarian dessert wine cask to impart sweet and honeyed notes combined with hints of toffee apples, poached pears and apricot preserve to the already vibrant and smooth triple distilled spirit.

3. Details

  • ABV 53%
  • Age 3 Years Old
  • Bottler OB
  • Bottling Limited Edition
  • Cask Tokaji cask finish
  • Category Single malt scotch whisky
  • Cost £50
  • Origin Glasgow Distillery
  • Outturn 380 bottles
  • Region Lowland
  • Released 2021
  • Vintage 2018

4. What I say

Sampled as part of the Burn’s Night 2022 twitter tasting with Steve @TheWhiskyWiye and The Glasgow Distillery Company. Following on from their standard Triple distilled expression we moved on to some of the recently released (November 2021) Limited Editions featuring a variety of cask finishes. The first had been matured in ex-Bourbon and then finished in a Hungarian Tokaji wine cask.

5. The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

  • Colour: Bright yellow buttery gold (7/20) slow, fine beads and ultra-fine legs
  • Nose: Sweet, sugary, icing sugar, vanilla and rich orchard and yellow fruits, lovely dustiness, perfumed, apple pomace and rosehips
  • Taste: Thin, spirity and vaporous at first but subtly oily, sweet and fruit, lemon zest and oil, tinned peaches, later tannins, peppery and oaky, a healthy sploosh of water relaxes the tannins and restores the sweet and fruity notes.
  • Finish: Sharp, woody and spiced, touch drying, reduced more balanced, sweet and juicy oak.

6. Overall

Building on the light and floral Triple distilled base the Tokaji cask has added more stone fruit and rather a lot of tannin and oak wood spice. The addition of a little drop of water relaxed this one quite a lot and really adjusted the balance on the palate and finish.

7. Score 84/100

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