Bonnington New Make Spirit (unpeated)

Bonnington New Make Spirit (unpeated)

What they say

Bonnington unpeated new make spirit generated from Munton’s unpeated malted barley at less than 2 ppm phenol. Distillation cut is taken quite wide from 75% down to 62% ABV to assist with a fuller bodied and waxy character. Stills are designed with minimum reflux.

What I say

Bonnington unpeated new make spirit reduced to cask filling strength of 63% ABV sampled following our tour of the distillery with their Master Blender Kirstie McCallum.

  • ABV 63%
  • Age 0 Years Old
  • Bottler Halewood International
  • Bottling Sample
  • Cask None
  • Category Lowland single malt whisky
  • Cost n/a
  • Origin Bonnington Distillery
  • Outturn n/a
  • Region Lowland
  • Released 2021
  • Vintage 2021

My tasting notes

  • Appearance Gin clear (0/20), slow, medium tears and legs.
  • Nose Sweet and cereal rich, malted barley, oat & honey flapjacks.
  • Taste Full-bodied, creamy, malty, biscuits, sweet reduced with water this retains its malty and waxy nature but exposed a little copper metallic and became a touch meaty.
  • Finish Medium, cereal and honey.
  • Overall Quite heavy and full-bodied in mouthfeel but with a lovely creamed barley nature, sweet but not overtly fruity. A distinct signature/character for Bonnington distillate.

Score n/a

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