Bonnington New Make Spirit (peated)

Bonnington New Make Spirit (peated)

What they say

Bonnington unpeated new make spirit generated from Munton’s peated malted barley at 50 ppm phenol. Distillation cut is taken quite wide from 75% down to 62% ABV to assist with a fuller bodied and waxy character. Stills are designed with minimum reflux.

What I say

Bonnington peated new make spirit reduced to cask filling strength of 63% ABV sampled following our tour of the distillery with their Master Blender Kirstie McCallum.

  • ABV 63%
  • Age 0 Years Old
  • Bottler Halewood International
  • Bottling Sample
  • Cask None
  • Category Lowland single malt whisky
  • Cost n/a
  • Origin Bonnington Distillery
  • Outturn n/a
  • Region Lowland
  • Released 2021
  • Vintage 2021

My tasting notes

  • Appearance Gin clear (0/20), slow, medium tears and legs.
  • Nose Toasted, slightly burnt wholewheat toast, wood char, malty, hay, linseed oil.
  • Taste Full-bodied, creamy and nutty, nut brittle, more linseed oil and combined with the sweetness also play dough, reduced with water this gave me a distinct engine oil feel and plenty of caramelised sugars.
  • Finish Medium, cereal, nutty and gently smokey
  • Overall Quite heavy and full-bodied in mouthfeel and retains the creamed barley nature, the sweetness here is paired with nuttiness and dry peat smoke.

Score n/a

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