The Whisky Trails – Gordon Brown

The Whisky Trails

A geographical guide to Scotch whisky

Gordon Brown

Foreword by Sir Kingsley Amis

  • 1st Edition
  • Published in the United Kingdom 1993 by PRION, an imprint of Multimedia Books Limited
  • 32-34 Gordon House Road, London NW5 1LP
  • ISBN 1-85375-121-9

What they say

This is a book for tourists and whisky buffs who want to see the land of the world’s leading spirits industry for themselves. Scotland has been making whisky for hundreds of years and distilleries large and small are scattered throughout its landscape. The whisky-producing areas are in the North Highlands, the North-east coast, the East Highlands, Speyside and Glenlivet, the West coast and islands and the Central and Southern Highlands, some quite close to Glasgow and Edinburgh, so the tours cover almost the whole country. This guide details some 120 distilleries, giving their visiting times, their facilities, a history of the distillery, profiles of the whisky makers and a description of the whisky itself. There are also pointers to sites worth visiting in the neighbourhood of each distillery.

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