Scallywag 13 Years Old

Scallywag 13 Years Old

Image courtesy of Master of Malt

What they say

Scallywag is a marriage of Single Malts 100% distilled in Speyside located in northeastern Scotland. This remarkably breathtaking area sits in a fertile valley of rivers and secluded glens and is home to over half of Scotland’s Distilleries. The archetypal Speyside character is a rich, nutty and robust style of Malt Scotch Whisky.

Scallywag is a remarkable Blended 100% Malt of different Single Cask Single Malts from Speyside, predominantly matured in Spanish Sherry casks. We meticulously marry different casks for each and every genuinely small batch bottling of Scallywag, ensuring the resulting Whisky is rich with flavours of cocoa, spice and dark fruits. We never chill-filter the Scallywag spirit, nor do we add colouring, so savour that dark natural colour and its fulsome chewable mouthfeel.

MoM tasting notes:

  • Nose: Steamed berry pudding, ginger and vanilla-rich malt.
  • Palate: Brown sugar, blackberries and chocolate fudge.
  • Finish: Granola bars and milk chocolate, with a hint of cinnamon warmth.

What I say

Sampled during the Drinks by the Dram Sherry Monsters Tasting 15th April 2020.

  • ABV 46%
  • Age 13 Years Old
  • Bottler Douglas Laing
  • Bottling Remarkable Regional malts
  • Cask Sherry
  • Category Blended malt scotch whisky
  • Cost £55
  • Origin n/a
  • Outturn undisclosed
  • Region Speyside
  • Released 2017
  • Vintage Undeclared

My tasting notes

  • Appearance Old Bordeaux (14/20), medium-fine tears with thick legs
  • Nose Fruity, chocolate gingers, spiced with a hint of bubblegum or new gym rubbers/sulphuric, cloying vanilla custard sweetness, vanilla Danish pastries.
  • Taste Reasonably smooth on the palate, medium-light bodied, a touch of spice develops but mostly this is dry fruit, brown sugar and brown toast erring on the well done side/cask char.
  • Finish Sweeter, spiced honey, milk chocolate gingers.
  • Overall This 13 year old Scallywag Blended Malt definitely has some great qualities to it, mouthfeel/texture is excellent despite a touch of rubber on the nose and spice on the palate. It is redeemed well in the finish where chocolate/malt returns.

Score 84/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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