Hatozaki Blended

Hatozaki Blended (40%, OB, 2020)

  • ABV: 40%
  • Age: NAS
  • Bottling: OB
  • Category: Blended Japanese Whisky
  • Cost: £33.45 available from The Whisky Exchange
  • Origin: Kaikyo distillery
  • Vintage: Undeclared

What they say

An artisan blend of whiskies with a minimum malt whisky content of 40%, created through a two-stage blending process and aged in casks for several years.

Official tasting notes:

An aromatic palate with floral notes and a balanced feel in the mouth as its light, delicate style combines with depth from the malted barley.

What I say

Created by Master Distiller and Blender Kimio Yonezawa at the Kaikyo distillery in Japan. This Blended expression is created through a two-stage blending process and designed to be elegant with flavours reminiscent of the warm Japanese hospitality and the country’s mild oceanic climate.

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Vin Gris (1/20), oily, medium tears and legs.
  • Nose: Sweet and floral, quite light and delicate, a richness of malty barley reminiscent in new make spirit, softened fruits, apple, pear, peach, nectarine and banana.
  • Taste: Light-medium bodied, creamy custard, buttery and sugary tablet, mashed banana in Muscovado sugar, honey, peach and nectarine baked pastries
  • Finish: Medium, honey, malted milk, hazelnut and slightly vaporous with drying soft oak wood and mint leaf.


I really rather enjoyed this one. At first it seems quite simple, light and delicate but therein lies its beauty. Immensely drinkable and reminds me of some great and now hard to find or afford Japanese single malts.

Score 84/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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