Rascally Liquor New Make Malt Spirit

Rascally Liquor New Make Malt Spirit (63.5%, OB, 2019)

  • ABV: 63.5%
  • Age: 0
  • Bottling: OB
  • Category: New Make Spirit
  • Cost: £24.95
  • Origin: Annandale distillery
  • Vintage: Undisclosed


What they say

An unaged clear malt spirit so splendid, distinctive and rascally, we kept it back from the cask and wrestled it straight into a bottle.

Pure and clear, it’s made with just three ingredients – malt, yeast and water, and distilled in Annandale’s twin copper pot stills, producing a young spirit with real character. Sip on its own or muddle into your favourite whisky cocktail for a contemporary twist.

What I say

Annandale unpeated new make spirit, currently available at 46% ABV, this is possibly the original 2015 release at 63.5% ABV – the typically barrel filling strength of new make spirit (reduced from ~ 70% ABV as it comes direct from the still).

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Gin clear (0/20), medium tears and long fine legs.
  • Nose: Sweet, malted milk biscuits, lactic – milky/creamy, malty, barley sugars, just a faint hint of polish a really heavy cereal base quite fruit absent.
  • Taste: malty cereals prevail on the palate, flapjacks, porridge, mid-full bodied, quite chewy and thick, delicious even at strength really quite clear of any metallic of chemical spirit nature you often find in NMS.
  • Finish: Medium, wheaty, doughy, porridge and flapjacks.


To me a very ‘traditional’ new make spirit really full of cereal barley flavours, no hint of yeast/fruit or common distillation off notes (lactic/metallic/chemical) – really superb base.

Score n/a

Don’t take my word for it:

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