Knockando 15 Years Old 1999

Knockando 15 Years Old 1999 Richly Matured (43%, OB, 2014)

  • ABV: 43%
  • Age: 15 Years Old
  • Bottling: OB
  • Category: Speyside single malt scotch whisky
  • Cost: £46.94
  • Origin: Knockando distillery
  • Vintage:  1999


What they say

Wonderfully creamy single malt from the Knockando distillery in the Speyside region. This bottling was distilled back in 1999 and left to age for 15 years before being bottled at 43% ABV.

MoM tasting notes:

  • Nose: Vanilla pod, citrus blossom and plenty of barley.
  • Palate: Spicier than the nose suggests, with cinnamon and black pepper arriving on the palate first. Soon enough, this is soothed by waves of runny honey and blackberry jam.
  • Finish: A touch of oily malt lingers.

What I say

Distilled at Knockando distillery during the 1999 season and bottled at 15 years old.

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Dark bronze gold (12/20) medium, oily, quick tears and long, strong legs.
  • Nose: Camp coffee, chicory, raisins, fruitier, dried fruit, leathery, sherry must, plum, damson, toffee, deeper and darker fruits, floral and nutty too, nougat and blossom.
  • Taste: Medium-light bodied, buttery in texture, smooth and rich, more sherried , syrupy, honey, raisin, plum, highland tofee, nutty nougat, floral orange blossom, cinnamon and grapefruit zest.
  • Finish: Long, spice and drying raisins and toffee with hints of chocolate.


Much more sherried than the 1997 vintage, in texture, colour and flavour. A completely different beast, still with plenty of nutty and floral notes but superior overall.

Score 85/100

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