The One Sherry Limited Edition

The ONE Sherry Limited Edition (46.6%, OB, 5500 Bottles, 2018)


What they say

This limited edition bottling is limited to only 5,500 bottles, each of which are individually numbered making each bottle unique. For the first time, this limited edition of The ONE will be bottled at 46.6% ABV allowing us to retain the smoothness and the depth of flavour imparted by our casks. This whisky will be non-chill filtered and bottled at natural colour.

The ONE Sherry Expression is a beautifully blended whisky comprising of whiskies from across the British Isles, carefully sourced and blended by our Whiskymaker to create a harmonious flavour profile that reflects the passion and diversity of our island nation.

The ONE is then finished in the finest first-fill PX casks from Spain to add a layer of dried fruits and spice. These casks were handcrafted in in the Andalucía region of Spain by our trusted suppliers before arriving in the UK to be filled with the ONE, and only, British Isles blended whisky.

Enjoy neat, or add a drop of water to release the subtle flavours and aromas of this outstanding whisky.

Official tasting notes:

  • Dried fruits with hints of fresh ginger, toffee nutmeg and gentle wood smoke.
  • The palate is smooth and creamy with notes of vanilla and sun-dried raisins.

What I say

Sampled during the #LakesDistillery Twitter tasting with @LakesDistillery, @WhiskyMaker Dhavall Gandi and @TheWhiskyWire

Similar to the The One PX cask finish 2017 (our review here), this new Limited Edition blend for 2018 has been finished in ex PX sherry casks. This new edition however has been bottled at 46.6%, one of the changes made by The Lakes Distillery’s new Whisky Maker Dhavall Ghandi.

My tasting notes:

  • Appearance: Amber orange gold (11/20), sparse, medium tears leave well-defined, medium-fine legs.
  • Nose: Sweet, smoky and nutty, vanilla, smoked almonds, dried fruits; raisin, ginger and nutmeg spices, there’s something quite floral and orange oil sweet about this one too, a dry malted barley flour cereal aroma lingers.
  • Taste: Medium-bodied, creamy vanilla, dried fruits, nutty almond milk, gentle spices, tobacco leaf, ginger and orange marmalade, sappy oak wood, ginger spice and fresh wood tannins combine.
  • Finish: Long, drying with spices countering the combined orange marmalade and honey sweetness, some leafy herbality.


Very balanced, quite robust for a blended whisky and the higher ABV really helps add meat to this ones bones. A pleasant mixture of spirit and cask, lively -most likely from the youthfull Lakes distillate, but really quite accomplished. A definite improvement on last years release.

Score 84/100

Don’t take my word for it

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