Lindores Abbey

Lindores Abbey New Make Spirit

Lindores Abbey New Make Spirit (73%, OB, 2018)

Whisky Review

  • Category: New Make Spirit
  • Origin: Lindores Abbey distillery
  • Bottling: OB
  • ABV: 73%
  • Cost: n/a

Lindores Abbey New Make Spirit

What they say

New Make Spirit from 30 minutes into the distillation run (heart of the cut), produced at Lindores Abbey using their 1 wash and paired spirit stills. We started distilling again from December 2017, marking 523 years since distillation last took place on the site. The shape of the still with the decending lyne arm encourages oils to come over at the very start of the distillation.

Official tasting notes

  • On the nose, our New Make Spirit is fresh and welcoming. Primarily strawberries with cream or a black forest gateau. Oily and briny with an underlining fatty note, followed by hints of cracked black pepper. In the middle of the cut we find strong caramel and Angel Delight butterscotch

#LindoresAbbey Tasting

What I say

Thanks to Lindores Abbey for the sample

Tasted during the #LindoresAbbey Tweet Tasting hosted by Steve @TheWhiskyWire on 15th October 2018

This New Make Spirit is directly from the spirit still at Lindores Abbey distillery, our first time sampling from this distillery.

My tasting notes

  • Appearance: Gin clear (0/20),
  • Nose: Sweet, toffee, hazelnut oil or butter, dusty, gristy barley malt, condensed milk, and something a little vegetal, seaweed? Reduced, sweet fruity & tinned peaches, warm, baked apple tarts.
  • Taste: Sweet, toffee, condensed milk, spirity and vaporous; reduced milky, soya/almond milk, very soft fruits, apple crumble, peach cobbler, biscuity malt, custard creams
  • Finish: Medium, fruity chalky sweets, lemon & strawberry bon bons.


A delicate New Make Spirit with plenty of malt character and little lactic or metallic nature as can often be found, my guess would be they are aiming this to be very drinkable when it is still young (similar to Kilchoman when they started distilling)?

Score n/a

Don’t take my word for it:

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