Rock Oyster

Rock Oyster (46.8%, Douglas Laing, 2018)

  • Category: Blended Island Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Origin: Various distilleries
  • Bottling: Douglas Laing, Remarkable Regional Malts
  • ABV: 46.8%
  • Cost: £36.73


What they say

Paying homage the sea, Douglas Laing’s Rock Oyster is a Small Batch bottling created using the finest maritime Malts including those distilled on the esteemed Islands of Jura, Islay, Arran and Orkney. Bottled at 46.8% alcohol strength and traditionally without colouring or chill-filtration, this Small Batch bottling has a truly maritime and oceanic character of sea-salt, sweet peat, smoke, honey and pepper from its Islay Malts, and softened somewhat by the sweeter, barley-based impact from Arran, Jura and Orkney.

Tasting notes

  • Wave soaked rocks and a salty oceanic fresh influence on the nose, running to an initially subtle palate that carries soft and rather sweet peat paralleled with smoke, honey, damp ash, liquorice and late pepper. All of what went before is neatly replicated in the moreish finish.

What I say

Revisit during #RockOyster twitter tasting on National Oyster Day 2018 with Great Drams and Douglas Laing’s Remarkable Malts. When quizzed on the relative age their response was that it varies from batch to batch, however the youngest elements are likely to be at least 8 to 9 years old. With its elemental briny sea spray and smoky peat elements a little youthful exuberance adds power to this blend.

  • Appearance: Light champagne gold (4/20) slow small droplet tears leave fine trails
  • Nose: Malty and peat smoke hit you first before a wave of briny sea spray, seashells and powdered shell (white sand) beaches in the sun (often I describe this taste note as ozone), shellfish, clams, oysters, mussels that peculiar mix of sweet and salt from their fresh meat, earthy and with a hint of engine oil, slightly bbq/flame-grilled shellfish on revisit sweeter and cleaner/fresher with a good dash of fresh lemon juice.
  • Taste: Light initially with biscuity cereal barley, ginger and honey, shellfish, scallops, oysters, smoked mussels all covered in fresh lemon juice, peat smoke wisps, sweet and salt.
  • Finish: Long, smoky and briny, honeyed malt


On revisit I’m still very impressed with this Island blend from Douglas Laing’s Remarkable Regional Malts range of blended malt whisky. If anything this sample seemed a little smoother and more tame with a twist of some sharper citric elements added into it which works really well with the salt and smoke.

Score 85/100

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