Sazerac Tasting with Drew Mayville

Sazerac Tasting with Drew Mayville

Meeting Drew Mayville

On Friday 6th October 2017 I attended the Sazerac Tasting with Buffalo Trace Master Blender Drew Mayville, hosted by Royal Mile Whiskies, Edinburgh. Drew gave us a run down of his 34 year career so far. Starting at Seagrams as their last Master Blender before working for Diageo and eventually Buffalo Trace distillery. Drew regaled us with is fortuitous move out of the distillery and into bottling due to him being one of the younger operatives at Seagrams and how this opened up a world of quality control checking and ‘marrying’ (not blending!) experience of mixing bourbon casks together to achieve continuity of product. After a brief history of Buffalo Trace, the characters that were instrumental in its development (hint most are named on expressions and bottles) and the physical layout and character of the distillery he finally sated our thirst for knowledge and imbued a thirst for whiskey!

Drew Mayville RMW

Drew explaining the components that go into making bourbon whiskey at Buffalo Trace distillery, including corn, rye, water, yeast, virgin American Oak barrels and most importantly, time!

During the tasting we sampled:


Buffalo Trace – originally released in 1999 as an ~ 8 year old standard bourbon expression 51% corn mashbill bourbon


Eagle Rare 10 year old – essentially the same as Buffalo Trace but matured for an extra couple of years to give more wood character


Sazerac Rye – a spicier and younger expression at 6 years old with 51% Rye mashbill

William Larue Weller 2017

William Larue Weller 2017 Antique Collection – aged for ~ 12 and 1/2 years

George T. Stagg 2017

George T. Stagg 2017 Antique Collection – aged for over 15 years

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