Amrut Naarangi

Amrut Naarangi (50%, OB, 2015)

  • Category: Indian single malt whisky
  • Origin: Amrut Distillery
  • Bottling: Official
  • ABV: 50%
  • Cost: £sold out


What they say:

Amrut Naarangi

Amrut Naarangi the latest offering from Amrut, the ‘Naarangi’ derives its name from the Hindi word, Naarangi which means “orange.” It is the only single malt whisky ever produced in the world to have expressions of orange, which brings forth a new level of experimentation to the malt world.

Tasting Notes :

Nose: A tug of war between Suet Pudding and dried figs with moderate teasing of orangey citrus. With time, more dried fruits evolve and is a stunner.

Taste: Viscous, full bodied like a syrup transcending to salt and sweet akin to orange influence and is a joy.

Finish: Slightly dry and one can neglect it. The finish is moderately sweet and a loud dance of orange on the finale.

What I say:

One of the novelties of ‘world’ whisky is that it is not defined or tied to the specific regulations that single malt scotch or US bourbon must adhere to. This allows a great variety of experimentation to take place – some of which works and some of which doesn’t. This particular expression from Amrut was matured for 3 years then finished in an ex-Oloroso sherry cask that had been conditioned with wine and orange peels for several (3) years, where the whisky spent a further 3 years. So we have a 6 year old Amrut that has spent 3 years finishing in a ex-sherry/wine/orange peel cask. Simples.


Dark copper orange amber (13/20) quick large tears leave medium legs


Sweet and syrupy and slightly spiced, figs, candied orange peel, feu orange car air freshener, sweet putty or play dough, cloying, golden syrup, blossom; honeysuckle


Liqueur- or brandy-like, smooth and sweet, blossom, fruity; apricot, banana, peach, white pepper gives a prickly and spirit spice, orange barley sugars, a little malty barley/cereal and Cointreau orange liqueur


Long, slightly drying and sticky sweetness like a baked honey orange glaze, dry powdery spices also persist


Perhaps not as sweet as I was expecting and quite floral on the nose, this is quite a complex whisky and the unusual cask finish doesn’t predominate but its presence can be experienced consistently throughout. I found this one really rather enjoyable and presented some more unusual flavours on the palate because of its maturation history. I for one would say this expression has worked very well and I would love to see more of such innovation from Amrut in the future.

Score: 84/100

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