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Starward New World Malt Whisky

Starward New World Malt Whisky (40%, OB, 2017)

Whisky Review


What they say:

Matured solely in Australian red wine barrels, this single malt represents a unique integration of our local barley, climate and innovative approach to producing whisky.

Balanced aromas of raisins, bananas and a touch of balsamic lead to clove, toffee and nougat. The palate welcomes the arrival of red berries, hints of cinnamon and a variety of savoury and spice driven secondary notes. A long, dry and tannic finish guides a strong linear reach through the palate, balancing a generous roundness and oiliness of the spirit.

What I say:

Dram #1 from the 2017 #WorldWhiskyDay Worldwide Whiskies tasting set from The Dram Team. Distilled at New World Whisky Distillery in Melbourne this is our first Australian whisky that doesn’t hail from Tasmania. Not only using local ingredients this Starward single malt is matured in ex-Australian Apera (fortified wine similar to sherry) wine casks.


Amber gold (8/20) medium legs and medium-sized tears


Foam bananas perfumed and fruity, apple, pear, sweet runny honey, vanilla buttercream icing, toffee/caramel, malty cereal barley, ginger, citric lemon peel


Polish or varnish, popcorn or bubblegum, some biscuity cereal malt, citrus lemon oil, fruity berries, cherry lips, cinnamon gobstoppers (fireballs!), gingerbread, pecan, nutmeg


Medium length, toffee, toasted coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg, toasted oak


A delicious and flavourful expression, bursting with flavours

Score: 84/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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