Jameson Bold

Jameson Bold (40%, OB, 2017)

  • Category: Blended Pot Still and Grain Irish Whiskey
  • Origin: Midleton Distillery
  • Bottling: Irish Distillers, Jameson
  • ABV: 40%
  • Cost: £57.65


What they say:

Jameson Bold

The Deconstructed Series is a stripped down study in taste, pulling apart and amplifying Jameson Original’s key characteristics — Pot Still Whiskey, Grain Whiskey and Cask Contribution. Jameson Bold is pot still perfection, Jameson Lively goes with the grain, and Jameson Round gives the barrel the final say. Taste exploration is at the core of this collection, giving Jameson fans the chance to divide and conquer.

Jameson Bold is pot still perfection. With a heavy emphasis of pot still distillate; this blend lets you know it’s a chip off the old block. Bold has an undoubted spiciness which and gives fruit and spice notes centre stage. For a whiskey that lives up to its name, Jameson Bold makes a Bold entrance.


On approach look for the red apple and ripe banana before the spices appear. Soft green pepper and nutmeg are given some sweetness by the vanilla and cinnamon, Subtle woodland notes on a background of Barley straw bring added depth.


Initially sweet and creamy, with an abundance of stove fruits. The pot still spices develop to bring a perfect balance of rich barley notes and mellow baked apples.


Lingering spices fade leaving a soft barley finale.

Introducing Jameson Bold

With a heavy emphasis of pot still distillate; this blend lets you know it’s a chip off the old block. For a whiskey that lives up to its name, Jameson Bold makes a Bold entrance.

What I say:

Originally produced for the Travel Retail market, Jameson Bold is one of 3 whiskies that make up Jameson’s Deconstructed series, designed to highlight the differing influences that make up Jameson Original. Bold explores the effect of Irish Pot Still Whiskey, with flavours selected in the final blend to highlight the Pot Still Whiskey influence. Produced by Irish Distillers at the Midleton Distillery, thanks to Irish Distillers & Richmond Towers for the official sample.


Dark amber & copper gold (12/20), fine tears leave fine legs


Vanilla and white chocolate, floral roses and cherry blossom, cherry cola, brown sugar, fudge and caramel, fruity fresh apples, ripe banana, nutmeg and a little green coconut


Creamy and sweet, fruity apple and blackberry/bramble, mixed spices including cinnamon and nutmeg, cereal barley combine to give the impression of freshly baked apple & blackberry or blackcurrant pie dusted with spice and served with whipped vanilla cream.


Medium length, softened orchard fruits with brown sugar and cinnamon spice, becomes a little dry with oak wood


Spiced fruit compote in a glass, this expression is redolent with baked apples or softened fruit liberally seasoned with woody sugar and spice, another fantastic education into the character of Irish Pot Still whiskey.

Score: 84/100

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