Glen Elgin

Glen Elgin 1998 Connoisseur’s Choice

Glen Elgin 1998 Connoisseur’s Choice (46%, Gordon & MacPhail, 2014)

Whisky Review

  • Category: Speyside single malt scotch whisky
  • Origin: Glen Elgin Distillery
  • Bottling: Gordon & MacPhail; Connoisseur’s Choice
  • ABV: 46%
  • Cost: £61.72


What they say:

In the mid-1960s Gordon & MacPhail took the unprecedented step of launching a range of single malts under the brand name ‘Connoisseurs Choice’. Until this time, many of the whiskies the range featured would not have been available as single malt. Today, ‘Connoisseurs Choice’ retains this exclusive nature with a range of rare and sought after single malts from distilleries throughout Scotland.

Glen Elgin Distillery was the last distillery to be built during the boom years of the 1890s. The architect, Charles Doig, stated it would be the last one built in Speyside for 50 years. His prediction was remarkably accurate with Tormore being the next distillery built, in 1958. Until the 1950s the distillery was entirely operated and lit by paraffin. All machinery was driven by a paraffin engine and a water turbine. It was a full time job to keep the paraffin lights burning. Today, the distillery still proudly depicts the White Horse emblem and is part of Diageo’s “Elgin Group”, along with Linkwood, Glenlossie and Mannochmore. The whisky is still a key component of White Horse blended whisky.


Pale Gold.




Medium, spicy and smooth.

Cask Type

Refill Sherry casks.


Light Speyside Dram.

AROMA without water

Subtle Sherry influences with pressed apples, dried apricots and prunes, with tangerine aromas. All complemented by a cocoa edge.

TASTE without water

Initially spicy with orange, grapefruit and blackcurrant flavours. A lingering milk chocolate edge develops.

AROMA with water

Sweet with strawberry and raspberry combining with orange citrus notes. A delicate aniseed aroma develops.

TASTE with water

Fruity with green banana, black current and fresh pear flavours. A subtle pistachio nut flavour is present.

What I say:

A ~ 16 year old expression from the Glen Elgin distillery in Speyside, matured in refill sherry casks and bottled by Gordon & MacPhail as part of their Connoisseur’s Choice range. Thanks to Gordon & MacPhail for providing a sample as part of their ‘Wood Makes The Whisky’ campaign highlighting the influence of wood maturation on their own whisky stocks.


Light amber gold (7/20), long tapered legs and medium tears


Spiced and dry, leather, Edinburgh rock, chalky and sweet, citric fizz, lemon, rosey apple candies and foam bananas, honey, fudge, malted barley


Light runny honey sweetness, sharply spiced ginger & cinnamon, woody oak, grassy hay an almost beer/yeasty notes, pepper and water chestnut, the wood spices become slightly herbal with hints of menthol and clove plus a slightly brassy/metallic tang.


Long, spiced but thin, woody and ascerbic, herbal


Upfront sweetness doesn’t last long on the palate revealing spicy and dry wood from this Glen Elgin expression.

Score: 83/100

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