Strathmill 30 Years Old 1977 Old Malt Cask

Strathmill 30 Years Old 1977 Old Malt Cask (50%, Douglas Laing, Refill HH #4070, 302 Bottles, 2007)

  • Category: Speyside single malt scotch whisky
  • Origin: Strathmill Distillery
  • Bottler: Douglas Laing; Old Malt Cask; Cask 4070
  • ABV: 50%
  • Cost: £88.40


What they say:

Distilled April 1977

Bottled December 2007

This bottle is one of only 302 bottles filled from one refill hogshead DL ref 4070


Sweetly spiced, herbal, barley sugared and nutty


Round, mouth-coatingly sweet, with candyfloss and syrup


Lightly smoked, still spiced, now dry

What I say:

Not a distillery I am hugely accustomed too, I had to go back and remind myself what to expect and our Strathmill Flora and Fauna review suggested mildly spiced, sweet and dry – which fits almost exactly with Fred’s notes above on this Old Malt Cask bottling (bottled when this series was still produced by Douglas Laing).


Refractive light amber gold (8/20), medium-sized teardrops taper to leave finer legs


Fragrant, fresh and fruity, peach skin, pear, apple, banana, crisp green apples, white grape, tropical mango and pineapple, Turkish Delight – lemon and rose flavoured, bubblegum, vanilla, coconut, strawberry, peach and apricot.


Smooth, peach juice & flesh, melon medley, grape, apple, bubblegum, sandalwood, honeyed fruits, cereal barley, peach hubba bubba


Medium, peaches, cereal and dry sandalwood


An easy drinker at 50% full of smoothied fruits, very nice.

Score: 88/100

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