Royal Mile Whiskies 40 Years Old Blended Malt

Royal Mile Whiskies 40 Years Old Blended Malt (47.1%, Royal Mile Whiskies, 2017)


What they say:

Quite frankly, we are delighted with our latest exclusive Royal Mile Whiskies bottling. Three excellent sherry cask matured single malts from the distilleries of Glenrothes, Macallan and Tamdhu have been gently married together to become probably the best value 40 year old malt whisky available in the world today. We’re confident that in this age where any whisky with forty years of maturation can cost big bucks, this simple but elegant bottle (nice label, no expensive box) of unctuous malt will bring big smiles to the faces of many whisky fans.

Official Tasting Notes –


High quality marmalade on toasted brown bread, polished leather and mahogany, dates, kirsch in dark chocolates. Obviously oaky, but still in balance, and with a Autumnal leafy earthiness underneath.


Dark chocolate caramels, cooked orange, oloroso sherry, fruity fig pudding, and a long finish of spice and sawn oak.


A brilliant sherry cask matured malt, which shows all the rich, complex, integration of more than four decades of ageing.

What I say:

Bottled by Royal Mile Whiskies as part of their fancy new labelled ranges of some superb single malt bottlings they had out in 2015/2016. Luckily this was released the same year I turned 40 so I popped by and caught up with some old friends at RMW to buy a bottle. Of course an obligatory sample was proffered so I had a wee pre-taste of this in store and agreed with many of my associates that had tried it that this was a rather special whisky indeed. The story as to how RMW bottled this and why anyone would blend together three 40 year old Sherry cask matured malts (including a Macallan for @$%@& sake!) have been kept under wraps for quite a while now but as this is no longer available and I am reasonably safe from being shot for saying it – the rumour is that RMW were offered by the owner of said (single) Sherry Cask containing the three pre-blended malts as mentioned above a portion (~ 1/2 of the remaining volume) to bottle and sell as they saw fit. The owner could either continue ageing or bottle the remainder (paying duty and bottling costs) as required due to the revenue raised from the sale of the portion to RMW. [note I heard a similar story recently regarding a well aged Springbank cask – it appears that when casks sales were rife, many people bought them that didn’t foresee or financially plan for the rather large expense of bottling, paying duty and tax upon said casks at outturn, hence partnerships or financial agreements with established bottlers ensue]


Dark bronze/copper (14/20) fine tears and fine legs


Rich deep fruits, jammy, oak wood, mahogany, walnut, sultana, cherry, fig, date, , dusty wood polish, beeswax, herbal thyme and sage, rosemary, dusty dunnage warehouse, a little new gloss paint and estery solvents/feints


Rich woody sugars, molasses, Demerara sugar, figs, dates, red and dried fruits in abundance, covered in syrup and treacle, light malty barley – almost biscuity and plenty of spicy wood, nutty walnut, polished mahogany and chestnut and antique oak wood, darkly sherried and winey due to tannins from the oak


Long, rich fruits and tannic wood, dusty, slight ash? possible hints of peat smoke in here too


Extremely drinkable for its age! This almost went down too easily! Amazing the lightness of malt character, really quite biscuit and refined plus a faint hint of peat smoke in here. Other than that it was just oodles of well aged sherry oak wood with all the lovely fruitiness and sugariness that brings balanced by a huge whack of woody tannins making you tongue feel like a piece of leather after dramming it! Crazy stuff at crazy prices! Well done RMW! and Thanks for bottling it for my Birthday 😀

Score: 88/100

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