#WhiskyMetrics BaFLEd by Social Media

Our December 2016 Whisky Blog league table is in preparation and will be posted soon!

For anyone not on our previous lists, please get in touch with your blog details! Thanks. 🙂

As always I’m sure it will provide entertaining reading, especially as I see more and more brands BaFLEd by social media i.e. sending free samples out to bloggers with Big Followers but Low Engagement irrespective of how much traffic their blog receives from real visitors (#BloggerIssues). Thankfully having had numerous discussions in the blogging community this appears to be a global problem with brands, marketing and PR departments, and not something Whisky in particular is failing in alone.

A surprise twist this year came the announcement from some companies that samples (as always) are very limited. So once their preferred A-list bloggers had received theirs the rest of us could enter into a ballot to receive the dregs  remaining samples. I would have preferred something a little more competitive e.g. leaving their PR samples in the middle of a big pit and releasing the bloggers into it to fight to the death over them as a spectator sport? If anyone wants to commercialize this and purchase the television rights, please get in touch.

Worry not dear readers as I’m not about to rush out and buy myself 5,000 fake twitter followers to get into the free sample roulette. We are 100% Organic here at The Whiskyphiles and so I know in confidence that no robot or fake twitter follower will ever be reading this ;-). Samples  will always be declared and reviews and recommendations will be impartial and authentic.

This year I will definitely not be picking a whisky of the year that I have received for free but will cost you several hundred pounds just for the chance to taste it and I will also not be re-tweeting ad nauseum every #whisky related tweet. You are welcome.

Sadly this may mean that next year there may be less frequent reviews from particular companies you know and love, as I am not an A-list blogger or on many ‘lists’. Worry not, as The Whiskyphiles whisky bank is bursting with amazing hand-selected whiskies bought and paid for with my own fair hand, or swapped with great whisky from the collections of other whisky aficionado’s and I for one am looking forward to a great 2017!

p.s. Whisky Companies and PR agencies that are BaFLed by social media numbers may want to take a look at our league table and see which blogs are receiving plenty of real traffic 😉

Image: Guernica by Pablo Picasso at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía


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