2016 Whisky Roundtable Discussion

2016 Whisky Roundtable Discussion


A few weeks back my good friend Tom at Tom’s whisky reviews enquired if I was free to join him and some others for a couple of whiskies over some discussion about whisky to be recorded and broadcast. Despite the number of whiskies Tom and I must consume it is criminally rare the limited amount of time we get to sit down together over a whisky and chew the fat. Although living only a mile or so away from each other, we both lead incredibly busy lives; working, blogging and supporting our families – that sitting down over a whisky is a rarity! So the chance to do just this in the comfort of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Queen Street venue, plus catch up with some whisky friends both real and virtual (until this point) had me very excited.

The discussion session was a brainchild of the other participants, namely Jason of Whisky Rover and Justine of Kask Whisky who had previously held a discussion session and thought on expanding this format due to positive feedback. In absentia Mark of Malt-Review was an honorary member to the discussion with a question proposal (which we’ll get onto later).

The concept; gather some passionate whisky critics, sit them at a table with some whisky and stimulate conversation. The whole session was recorded (unedited!) and is here broadcast for your pleasure. To assist with a little structure we sampled 3 drams from the latest SMWS outturn (4/11/2016) and give our reactions and impressions to them whilst broadly following the agenda:

1. The highs and lows of 2016
2. Whiskies by the post subscriptions – a new format? (20 minutes)
3. The premiumisation of Longmorn, Mortlach and others (34 minutes)
4. The blogger cull of 2016, why stop writing? Is writing fading versus new formats? (49 minutes)
5. Tweet tastings a viable forum? (118 minutes)
6. A question from Mark at Malt Review (129 minutes)
7. Guest questions (x3) (203 minutes)
8. It’s a wrap!

The whiskies sampled were:

1. 37.81 Orange Turmeric Margarita (Cragganmore), 13 years old, 56.6% vol, 270 bottles, 12 years ex-bourbon hogshead then a Sauternes cask for the remainder of its maturation.
2. 72.49 Totally Scrummy! (Miltonduff), 11 years old, 60.7% vol, 264 bottles, 1st fill ex-white wine hogshead.
3. 42.29 Marvellous maritime margaritas (Ledaig), 9 years old, 57.3% vol, 228 bottles, refill ex-bourbon barrel.


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