26 SEPTEMBER 2016: After 12 months of national and regional heats involving nearly 10,000 entrants across the globe, the 56 most talented bartenders will be descending on Miami to participate in the prestigious World Class Bartender of the Year Competition, battling to be crowned the world’s best bartender.

Taking place from 25th – 29th September, this year’s event is the biggest World Class competition yet. Now in its eighth year, the renowned competition aims to celebrate and elevate the craft of the bartender, having trained and inspired over 250,000 bartenders since its inception. Those competing will set the next industry trends, shaping the future of cocktails and luxury drinking experiences around the world.

This World Class event will have spectacular levels of creativity on display when the best spirits come together with the most innovative talent in the industry. It will also demonstrate how bartenders are as skilful and pioneering as chefs.

Johanna Dalley, Global Director for World Class comments: “Since its inception, World Class has been passionate about giving the best bartenders in the world the global spotlight they richly deserve – these are incredibly talented professionals whose skill is on a par with the world’s best chefs but who also deal directly with the public on a nightly basis. They have the flexibility to create great drinks to the exact specification of each and every one of their guests; they are part sommelier, part maître d’, part host, part alchemist, part entertainer and part confidant.”

A landmark week on the luxury calendar, the Global Final will be judged by the world’s most respected tastemakers, chefs, mixologists and industry experts.

Spike Marchant, Global Ambassador for World Class said: “In order to impress the World Class judges, a bartender must exhibit originality, precision, showmanship and the ability to connect with consumers. They will be tested to their limits throughout World Class – working under pressure to create not only beautiful drinks, but also memorable experiences. Each year I am astounded and inspired by the level of talent, skill and innovation the participants bring to the competition.”

The World Class global finals have travelled to London, Athens, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, the open seas on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean and South Africa. The number of countries participating in the competition has nearly tripled between 2009 and 2016 – from 18 to 56.

You can watch the competition live at the extended Livestream hosted on theworldclassclub.com and on the World Class Facebook page www.facebook.com/worldclass

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