Review: Highland Black 8 Years Old

Category: Blended Scotch Whisky

Origin: Unknown/Various

Bottling: Aldi

ABV: 40%

Cost: £12.99 from Aldi


What they say:

A delicious blend of Scotland’s finest grain and malt whiskies.

Boasting rich malt flavours, our Highland Black Scotch Whisky’s smooth flow leads into a long, fruit-filled finish.

Food Match

Try with a smokey Cheddar to compliment this whisky’s full-bodied flavour.

What I say:

Another supermarket special. This time it is Aldi’s 8 Year Old blended scotch whisky ‘Special Reserve’. I am just thankful that Aldi are proud to declare an age-statement on this blend and a perfectly respectable one too. Having previously sampled Aldi’s Highland Earl and found it to be a little young in places we have higher hopes for this blend expression.


Full ‘caramel’ amber gold (9/20), slow medium-sized tears leave fine legs


Banana (esters) and polish, acetone/nail polish remover, toffee, slightly and mildly spiced, cinnamon and white pepper, toffee-coated popcorn, a little sharp and abrasive on the nose


Toffee apple, sticky toffee pudding, polished oak wood, a touch of rich malt and dark chocolate, fudge, caramel, butterscotch and vanilla essence


Medium-short, toffee and woody oak, quite sweet


Unfortunately a little weird and raw chemicals (esters/acetone) on the nose but once you get past this the palate and finish really are quite solid and good for a blend. There is a depth of flavour which strongly hints at quite a rich bourbon-cask maturation which does this blend a lot of favours. Perhaps leave this one to breath a little before drinking or more than solid enough to use it with mixers if that is your preferred serve.

Score: 79/100

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